Seaway Smash is a part of Iroquois Region Volleyball Association (IREVA), and a USA Volleyball sanctioned club. Our goal is to offer players in St. Lawrence County and surrounding areas an opportunity to play at a competitive level outside of high school. Doing so will develop their skills, confidence, character, work ethic, friendships and a greater knowledge of the sport of volleyball through great coaching, tournament play, hard work and team experiences.


  • To increase the skills of our players.
  • To provide competitive & recreational opportunities for our players.
  • To improve the level of volleyball in our region.
  • To create a youth volleyball program for young players through the county.
  • To increase awareness of the sport of volleyball.
  • To develop the character of our players through organized sports teams.

Seaway Smash is currently preparing for our 5th season!  We continue to lead our area with opportunities for our players to play, have fun & grow.  This year we have added a youth program as well as provided opportunities for our players to play indoors & on the beach over the summer.  And we will be adding a local training option to our competitive teams also.

If you’d like to become part of Seaway Smash, please visit our contact page.